GULP! I think I can safely say this is the one dish I learnt entirely from my mother. Yes, it’s quite true. For someone who rarely ate a scrambled egg when I was growing up and for whom cooking is not a beloved pastime, she made a pretty faultless scrambler.

So often you go to a cafe and the scrambled eggs are watery and hard. Big lumps of overcooked egg that are inedible. Perhaps it’s overcautiousness that is responsible – salmonella poisoning, obviously, is always best avoided. But it’s a shame that the humble scrambled egg suffers as a result.

The trick, if you don’t already know, is to remove the eggs from the heat just before they’ve finished cooking and not to stir them too often while they’re in the pan. This way you’ll always get silky smooth scrambled eggs.

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2 eggs per person
20ml milk (optional)
20g butter
Salt and pepper


Heat the butter in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and milk together really well until frothy (put in a bit of elbow grease!). Season with salt.

Once the butter is melted and coating the bottom of the pan pour in the eggs. Don’t stir anything just yet. After about 2 minutes, gently move the eggs around the pan with a wide spatula. Once the eggs are almost entirely set remove the pan from the heat and allow them to finish cooking (1-2 minutes) – this should be just enough time for you to toast some bread.

Finally, serve the eggs and grind over a generous amount of black pepper.

scrambled eggs


Stir through some freshly chopped chives or parsley.


Hot buttered toast.

A few rashers of crispy bacon.

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