PARTY RECIPE: Mini Sausage Rolls

PARTY RECIPE: Mini Sausage Rolls

Upon first arriving in Australia I was faced with this uncanny same-same-but-different feeling everywhere I went. An eerie, unsettling feeling that pervaded those most mundane of tasks like food shopping. The supermarkets were filled with identical products that had very slight name changes, like Weetbix instead of Weet-a-bix or Rice Bubbles instead of Rice Krispies.

Of course, over time, these little things become normal and I remember to say ‘zucchini’ instead of ‘courgette’ or ‘eggplant’ instead of ‘aubergine’. But there are some things – like a hot sausage roll smothered in tomato ketchup – to which I cannot see myself becoming accustomed. You see, for me, a sausage roll is best enjoyed cold – and while I succumb to the fact that many British people enjoy their sausage rolls hot from the metal rungs of a Greggs bain marie, I feel they have lost their ways and do sadly renounce their field-ploughing forefathers for whom this food would only ever have been eaten unheated.

This opinion, however, is hotly contested by my husband, for whom the sausage roll is fiercely deified. For him, it should be hot, contain no fancy seasoning and MUST be served with ketchup. We agree do disagree of course, especially when these delicious homemade versions slide out of the oven all golden and crispy and warm. Then it becomes a battle to wrestle a couple of hot ones from his palms and stash them in the fridge for later.

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385g pork mince
2 cloves garlic
2 small carrots
1 small brown onion
salt and pepper
2 sheets puff pastry
olive oil
1 egg (for glaze)


Preheat your oven to 190˚C and place a large flat baking tray on the top shelf.

In a frying pan, gently sweat the finely chopped onion and grated carrots until soft. Add in the garlic for the last minute of frying. Set aside and allow to cool.

In a large bowl combine the pork mince with plenty of salt and pepper and the cooled carrot mixture, before dividing into 4 equal amounts.

To make the sausage rolls, take the first sheet of thawed puff pastry, cut in half, and with one quarter of the pork mixture form a long sausage down the edge of the pastry, about 1cm from the edge. Pinch the pastry edges together along the top of the sausage. Flip it over so the pinched seam is on the bottom, before trimming the ends of the sausage roll and cutting it into quarters. Brush a little whisked egg over the tops and sides of the sausage rolls.

Repeat this step three more times.

Finally, remove the hot baking tray from the oven and brush with 1tsp of olive oil before placing on your 16 mini sausage rolls. Bake for 7-10 minutes, or until the tops are golden, before flipping them over and baking for a further 5 minutes. They are ready when both sides are golden and crispy.

*Handy tip – don’t remove the pastry from the polythene film it comes on until the very last minute, to prevent the pastry from sticking to another surface.

sausage rolls


Grated parsnip in the pork mixture

A sprinkling of sesame or poppy seeds on top of the pastry


Serve hot with plenty of tomato ketchup if you are in Australia

For everyone else – a nice dark fruit chutney.

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