Frugal Food Fights Food Waste: Sardines on toast

Frugal Food Fights Food Waste: Sardines on toast

Food waste is a big issue for modern families. Eating simple, self-contained meals is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re not wasting the food you buy, not wasting your hard earned money, and also not contributing to more food waste being sent to landfill.

It’s easy to overlook simple, frugal meals like sardines on toast in favour of something more adventurous or exotic, but when you’re on a tight food budget or you’re time poor, this no fuss, no frills meal easily fits the bill.

Sardines have the added benefit of being packed full of brain-fuelling nutrients like Omega-3 fats and vitamin B-12, making them a seriously healthy meal option.

I’m all in favour of a rustic peasant’s supper every now and then. It reminds me of my grandparents whose weekly evening meals were just this. They would often have sardines on toast, mushroom soup, or simply bread with pate and cheese. It is a way of eating we have largely forgotten with such wonderful choice on offer to us in modern supermarkets. It is, however, something, that in light of the mounting food waste problem we are facing, we might do well to return to.


1 tin sardines per person – there are loads of flavour varieties to choose from including olive oil, spring water and my favourite, tomato.
2 slices multigrain toast per person.


Make a shopping list before going to the supermarket
Write a weekly meal plan
Don’t go shopping while hungry
Use up leftovers in the fridge

CLICK HERE to see this recipe as part of a weekly leftovers meal plan.



Make the meal a little more substantial by adding a piece of hard cheese, a couple of cherry tomatoes and some cucumber rounds to your plate.

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