It took me a while to decide whether or not I liked sweet potatoes. Seemingly hitting the supermarket shelves out of nowhere in the early 2000s (I swear the potato aisle in the ’90s barely saw anything but a King Edward), the sweet potato is touted as the ‘better for you’ starch option and subsequently became a must-add to your weekly shopping basket.

Incredibly sweet (as the name suggests) I still don’t think they can fully usurp the humble white potato whose delicious and wonderful varieties are one of life’s absolute pleasures. Particular nods go to my Grandparents’ favourite the Pink Fir, with it’s wonderfully earthy taste, and of course new potatoes which are undeniably irreplaceable cold with a sliver of salted butter (judge me not!).

I have, however, found a place for sweet potatoes in a number of dishes. This being one. I love the fruity sweetness they have when roasted and find this lends itself to the flavours of North Africa and the Middle East. The addition of bitter kale leaves and juicy cherry tomatoes not only make this an incredibly healthy meal, but a wonderfully delicious one too.

Serves: 2

Prep. time: 25 minutes

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2 small sweet potatoes
1 cup Tuscan kale (shredded)
2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
6 cherry tomatoes (halved)
1 cup cooked chicken (chopped into bite size cubes)
2 tbsp raisins
2 tbsp sunflower seeds  (optional)
Olive oil
Salt and black pepper
2 tbsp Moroccan seasoning
1/2 lemon (juice and zest)
Greek yoghurt


Cook the sweet potatoes in the microwave for 6 minutes before transferring to a hot oven for 15 minutes (or until the skins are crisp).

Meanwhile, heat a glug of olive oil in a large skillet over a medium heat. Fry off the shredded kale and finely chopped garlic for 3-4 minutes before sprinkling over the Moroccan seasoning and adding the tomatoes and chicken to the pan. Make sure everything is well coated in the seasoning before adding in the raisins. Cook for a further 5 minutes, stirring frequently to avoid anything sticking.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Finally, chop the potato in half, add the kale mixture and top with Greek yoghurt and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds.

baked sweet potato


Add some feta if you’re not a fan of Greek yoghurt.



This is a super health extravaganza so maybe go for a fresh mint tea!? (a nice glass of Pinot Noir wouldn’t go astray here though!)

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