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I’m Jen – that’s me with my husband looking young and fresh faced with our youthful chub-free jawlines!

I began leftovers for two for anyone who wants to eat well without breaking the bank.

It all started back in 2014 as a way to share frugal recipes that I had collected during my time as a university student. Being a food glut who wasn’t prepared to live on beans on toast I began coming up with meal plans that made the most out of every skerrick of food I bought.

I found I could stretch my measly student budget to include some delicious gourmet meals just by being clever with my meal choices, shopping around various local markets and supermarkets for weekly offers, and being flexible and confident enough to cook what I found.

Leftovers for two is also invested in trying to reduce household food waste. It wasn’t until I finished university that I began looking into the issue of food waste and the huge impact it is having on our environment as well as on individual households who live on tight food budgets.

So, if you’re looking for a way to save money and do your bit for the environment why not join me at leftovers for two and GET COOKING!

Food Waste is fast becoming a real problem! 

With so much choice on offer we are buying more food than ever before. More than we need. The result is that we’re throwing a whole lot more food away.

This is a problem for a number of reasons:

  1. We’re wasting our hard earned money on food we don’t need
  2. Supermarkets and food producers produce more food to keep up with the demand so in turn they throw more food away causing a perpetual cycle of over consumption and wastefulness
  3. Landfills fill up with the food that is thrown away
  4. Methane is produced by the rotting food and contributes to global warming
  5. Water is wasted producing, transporting, and disposing of excess food


Below is Lunchalot’s¬†fantastic infographic with some food waste statistics:



Do Something About Food Waste

Planning meals, eating frugally and being more mindful of what we consume are all things that leftovers for two considers when bringing you recipes. I hope that by bringing you delicious, achievable meal plans that form a balanced and interesting diet we might be able to look at our own lifestyles and save a bit of money whilst simultaneously doing something good for our environment.

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Do Something About Food Waste infographic by lunchalot

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